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-Tomorrow, Now-


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He always assumed it would be quick, like he had played as a child and had seen in the movies. Why wasn't it working? He wasn't prepared for what was now happening so all he could do was repeat the futility, repeating the same mistake and expecting different results. Only, he didn't realize that tomorrow was now. The loop of madness had no memory for anything, past or future, because now was the only thing possible, and the only thing ever, was what he wished it wouldn't be. It would never stop. It always was so his only answer was why not? He could never find the answer but always knew the solution.

No became the eternal echo. The ruthfulness came as no surprise yet at the same time disbelief overshadowed everything by it's own poignant betrayal.

The only thing he knew was what he couldn't understand. Was that laughter or lament? Why couldn't he see beauty?

The only thing beautiful for him was the instant before, because it was better than what came next. No matter how horrible now was, then was worse.

But it was never then, only now. No matter how close he got, no matter how hard he tried and no matter how much he knew, he would never believe because it was his only hope, that this was only a dream.

He knew that nothing would stay but the promise of that brought it differently each time. He was the clown of it all. The schizophrenic, mumbling shuffler for all eternity.

Why was everyone else apparently waking up? Why couldn't he say "oh yes!", "thank you", "I'm not worthy", like the voices which harkened his deepest regret?

"OH NOOO!!!"

This was the only thing he ever said or thought, for ever and ever and ever and tomorrow, now.

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