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Springsteen's First Network TV Appearance


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Seems hard to believe, but I can't find any example of Bruce Springsteen appearing on network TV in the '80s. You would think Regis or Carson or somebody would have had him on, but if they did, I can't find it. The most logical show would have been Letterman, but he didn't do Dave's show until 1993.

Weird, but maybe this was just the way TV was in the '80s. Nowadays, as soon as an artist has a hit, they're on every network somewhere.

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Yeah, 80's late-night was different from today. Back then it was about movies, tv & new comedians. Once in a while they'd have a no-name band who were not yet famous & probably didn't become famous.
I think Madonna was the only 80's singer on late-night tv. But she was also acting at the time.
It wasn't the "flavor of the week" tv there is now.

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