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Colbie Caillat

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We had a chance to ask Colbie a few questions via email, which she gamely answered. Colbie will likely be the most popular artist ever discovered on MySpace - she posted "Bubbly" on the now moribund social site about 5 years ago and her career took off from there.

Is is just me, or does Colbie always look uncomfortable in photos?

For some reason, this makes me respect her more. She takes her songwriting seriously, and is constantly working on her craft, collaborating with big name writers most people have never heard of (Toby Gad, Mikal Blue), and learning along the way. I won't be surprised if she pulls a Cathy Dennis and gives up performing to focus on writing for others. That would eliminate the touring and awkward photo shoots, while building up those sweet songwriting credits (she's already written a song with Taylor Swift).

Her father is Ken Caillat, who was a calm wind in the hurricane that was late '70s Fleetwood Mac. As a producer on Rumours, he helped get all that angst on vinyl while the band was barely functional as a unit. We asked about her dad's production style, and also covered some details about her songwriting. She also mentioned her boyfriend and a song that's become special for the couple.

Colbie Caillat interview

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