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Percy's song


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Wow, that song is copyright 1964. Here are the lyrics on Dylan's official site:


This one is pretty convincing, as it would be typical of Dylan to testify in court and then write a song about it. It's one of the few artist accounts of a court case without the sensationalism - just a judge in an office making his ruling.

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Compare the last verse of Percy's song:

And I played my guitar

Through the night to the day

Turn, turn, turn again

And the only tune

My guitar could play

Was, “Oh the Cruel Rain And the Wind”

to the last verse of "Oh the Cruel Wind and Rain"

But the only tune that the fiddle could play
Was, Oh, the wind and rain
The only tune that the fiddle could play
Was, Oh, the cruel wind and the rain

This a really old folk song with many variations (often called "The Two Sisters"), always with an instrument made from bones/hair of a murdered woman, which would only play sad songs. 

Dylan also borrowed from other folk songs - such as "She once was a true love of mine" in Girl from the North Country (also borrowed by Paul Simon). 

He used the tune of Lady Franklin's Lament for Bob Dylan's Dream - and also converted her 10,000 Pounds to 10,000 dollars in the final stanza.  Lady Franklin was mourning her husband's death as he tried to find the Northwest Passage, with a promised reward of 10,000 Pounds.  

These are only a few examples.  Dylan is basically a folk musician, and he has never been afraid to borrow themes, lyrics, or tunes in the finest tradition of folkies! 



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