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Well I've already bitched about the aftermath, but I've basically managed to remove myself from the situation and the horrible negativity of the two girls that got me there, so I'll focus on the awesomeness and positivity of this concert.

Blitzen Trapper opened up. Definitely a great choice for an opener. I've liked them for a while, and they chose an interesting setlist. Rather than start rowdy, through some mellow stuff in, and then end rowdy, like many bands do, they chose to start mellow and slowly build up. Great way to get the crowd pumped for Wilco. Obviously, they were excited too, as they stood on the side of the stage and watched Wilco's whole set.

Wilco was amazing. Go see them if you can. They're practically a jam band live, somehow managing to mix the psychedelic folk of the Grateful Dead with the total weirdness of Radiohead. But they manage to get much heavier than either band. Although I've never seen either band live, so I really don't know what I'm talking about. Still, go see Wilco. It was one of those transcendent concert experiences I'll be talking about for a while. And I was right up on the rail, having a damn good time. I feel good about it and I won't let any of the crap that happened after take that away from me.


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“Dawned On Meâ€

“War On Warâ€

“I Am Trying To Break Your Heartâ€

“I Mightâ€


“Spiders (Kidsmoke)â€

“Impossible Germanyâ€

“She's A Jarâ€

“Born Aloneâ€

“Laminated Cat†(aka “Not For The Seasonâ€)

“Jesus, Etc.â€

“Capitol Cityâ€

“Handshake Drugsâ€

“Whole Loveâ€

“Box Full Of Lettersâ€

“I'm Always In Loveâ€

“Heavy Metal Drummerâ€

“Shot In The Armâ€

Encore 1:

“Poor Placesâ€

“Art Of Almostâ€

“Standing Oâ€

“Airline To Heavenâ€

Encore 2:



“I'm The Man Who Loves Youâ€

“Dreamer In My Dreamâ€

Yup, two encores. Unreal.

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