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Shelby Lynne


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This wasn't the plan:

Songfacts: That's a dumb question?

Shelby: I swear, I think it's the dumbest I've had today, man. (laughs)

Dan is very patient, and he let this play out. I give Shelby credit for challenging him instead of turning on auto-pilot, but the Mark McGwire "I'm not going to talk about the past" was a little much. Still, we appreciate her time and did learn a thing or two about how she ticks.

Shelby Lynne interview

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Great interview! I like Shelby's lyrics and we share many of the same idols. Good to see her challenge Dan to "up his game" as it were :laughing:

I like many of the tunes that I've heard but I never really knew who she was. :crazy:

Thanks SF! :thumbsup:

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