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For Lea And Me


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And we will know it, when that last - greatest - voyage unfolds

What of preparation? How then might something be packed?

What degree anticipation

Thrill within succeeding steps lure the aerialist, not fear of falling

Universal attraction moves us outward; not in, not on, not down

Energy eclipses constraint

We may struggle with hope, doubting the seed which grows faith

But we can not separate ourselves from those crops we’ve planted

Continuing to grow

Let us saunter, near finality, past meaningful stores of light

Recalled since youth, continuing to shade today’s doorways

Connecting compound corridors

Now boldly, honestly visiting with the core of our character

For a laugh/cry/laugh conversation, over chocolate cupcakes

Then lick fingers

When darkness looms, lie snuggled among friendship’s fabric

Love given, now returned, caressing the cheek in appreciation

Touched by forever

Finding, in all our time, the worst not so bad as once thought

Our best seeming a result of the tougher tasks, worthy of crucible

Hardened steel lasts

Most enduring memory, when tied to the heart, as a floated balloon

Will be caught in an updraft of reality, directed by timeless winds

Rising without pause

Taking sparse notice that the world, as it passes beneath, changes

Diminished through perspective, smaller still through necessity

Temporal in nature

At last, the universe revealed in flung specks molding amid light

Crying sounds more a newborn’s than ancient’s wrenched pain

Journey’s chord struck


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