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Henry McCullough


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Henry was the only Irishman to play at Woodstock - he backed up Joe Cocker in that crazy set. A member of several Irish bands, he made his way to sessions with Donovan, Ronnie Lane, Roy Harper and lots of other famous folk, building a reputation as a versatile and guitarist with a killer tone.

Henry's big moment was with Wings, where he came up with the guitar solo on "My Love." He was with the band when they did a warm up tour by showing up at universities and playing impromptu shows for college students. He still has fond memories of McCartney, who loves to tell the story of how Henry rewrote that "My Love" solo.

Henry had some lost years, but emerged from his alcoholic abyss and is once again making music that feels like a sitting in an Irish pub with a crock of beef stew and a Guinness (Or in Henry's case - a glass of water. He's the rare Irishman who doesn't drink.)

You've heard his voice in your headphones on those nights you were up listening to Dark Side of the Moon - that's him saying "I don't know, I was really drunk at the time" in "Money."

Henry McCullough interview

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