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Looking for an old FoolsGold album to DL

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I have an album (yes, vinyl) from the 70's called Mr. Lucky by a group called FoolsGold. This was a back up, warm up group for Dan Fogelberg. I saw them in Berkley, Ca. around 1975. Whenver I try searching any of the songs, album name, etc. I get no hits. Nothing on itunes either. Some of the songs are really good. I would really like to download them. Any suggestions?

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Hi dschmeeder, welcome to Songfacts. :)

They do sound familiar, but I'm a bit too pressed for time right now to investigate further, I'm sorry. Here's a bit of info Amazon has concerning the band and another album of theirs titled simply Fools Gold. Maybe the customer reviews will provide some info? Of course you may already know this stuff: Fools Gold

Someone does mention the Mr Lucky album.

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Hi, dschmeeder -

I have been looking for Fool's Gold's Mr Lucky album in digital format for a while. I have Fool's Gold (first album) in digital format. Do you have a way to record your LP to your computer? I have several albums from different artists that I recorded from LP's to the computer. The results sound pretty good.

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