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The Lightbox Explained

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See that little icon that looks like a match being lit? That's the lightbox feature. Click it, and it will ask for a URL of an image which lives somewhere on the web. The image will display as medium size, and clicking it will reveal the full-size image. Let's try it:

If you have an image on your computer that you'd like to upload, use the "manage files" link near the bottom, and you can upload the image to our server and display it.

In the past, we've asked you to use Photobucket or a similar service to link to images, but the new features on the boards and proliferation of bandwidth means we don't have to any more, but you certainly can if you'd like.

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I learned how to use the light box and manage files and such.

But now I try to upload a picture through manage files and I get this message. The maximum number of allowed attachments has been reached.

What does it mean, please? :shades: Thank you!! :)

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