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Some Tweaks and Upgrades

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Zhivko has been coding like crazy and making a lot of upgrades to the main site. The most noticeable is on the search pages, which look a lot better:


We also tried to get the pages more consistent, so the navigation and search will be the same sitewide. The search window has moved from the left nav to the upper right, where most people expect it. This frees up more space.

We're still working on this, but feel free to give your feedback. It's a lot of under-the-hood stuff that should help Songfacts look and function a lot better. :)

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The first thing I noticed is that there's no link to the homepage on the logo in the upper left (instead there's a text link on the left side), I think that's counter intuitive, every other website has a link to the homepage on the logo.

a good call on putting the search field on the right :)

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