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"Le Banana Split"


"Amoreux Solitaires" (they let her perform wearing that?! YEAH! Hahaha.)


"Sage Comme Une Image"

Sugary Belgian Pop song that got stuck in me head for days. I thought Lio was just a one-hit wonder, but it turns out she's been cutting records for as long as I've been alive. The guy from Telex did some of the music for the early singles, which is a plus. "Banana-nanana-nanana banana split MMMM!" I can play Dr. Mario while listening to this tune in a loop :headphones:

Get thee to the nearest store and buy yourself one :cool:


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I don't know what "spotify" is, but it sounds like something I need. I just went ahead and ordered from Forced Exposure since they seem to carry her complete discography. They don't state whether they have them in stock, though, but I'm crossing my fingers :beatnik:


I recall hearing "Marie Antoinette" on the radio back in the mid-80s. I didn't make the connection to "Le Banana Split" song until I saw it on YouTube. It sounds odd that a Pop cutie such as Lio would be involved in a project with the wacky New Wavers from Sparks... but it makes perfect sense at the same time. Lio gave me angst in the pants before I even knew what that was or had even heard of Sparks! :cool:

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