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okay, but what are Kolas?

Kolas are the plural form of kola which is a nut cola is extracted from. Back in the 70's, cola was soooo five minutes ago. It was groovy and far out to drink an un-cola like the refreshingly clear and clean taste of 7-up! (then came Sprite and Fresca)

Coca~Cola, Pepsi and Royal Crown were hurting for a while because soft drink (mostly cola) consumers thought that if it wasn't clear like water (or 7-up) then it had to be bad or not as good for your health. Ironic because it's true. Corn syrup is one of the worst substances to ever ingest besides downright poison or tobacco. Oxymoron because tobacco (nicotine) is poison and arguably the most addictive substance known besides sugar.

You're probably too young to remember this 70's TV commercial about 7-up soft drink.

(the un-cola)


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