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Midwest Rejects Stupid Family


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Tired of the humdrum fear-filled life of the big cities ? Well , don't move to the mid-West , unless you are prepared for a bit of suspicion/ shyness and are unable to make an effort to fit into your small town surroundings .

Here's a stupid couple from Miami that thought the entire country was much like them. Despite being offered nearly 19th century land deals to make a new life , this couple came prepared with a lawsuit mentality and a feeling that their values were shared by all the rest of their fellow countrymen; making little to no effort to fit in - but simply to cash in . Congradulations . Is the pioneer spirit really so dead now ? :


Just where in-the-hell did they think they were moving to ?! :D

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Is it leap year?

I'm not sure why I ask that because the average individual doesn't even know what leap (intercalary) year is

You take a lot for granted , Muzik . Have you been doing surveys , or even speaking to anyone outside of your house for that matter ?

Careful not to slip out of your ivory tower as I hear it's been pretty snowy and icy . :shades: :blah:

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