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An Endless Sporadic

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So there's this little duet that I came across, well, I can't remember to be honest, but it was a few years back, called An Endless Sporadic.

They're a progressive instrumental rock band from Bellaire, TX, with some amazing musicianship, and how they've gone this far without being noticed by a record company is beyond me.

They've had songs in a few rather well-known video game franchises (tony hawk's pro skater and guitar hero)

They had their first, self-titled, album come out on the 25th of november (I believe). It has 9 tracks, and is available for 9.99, and they also have a 4-song EP, called Ameliorate, available on iTunes. Not sure on the price.

Their page is at www.anendlesssporadic.com, and they've got a page on myspace and facebook. You can find all of the information that you need there.

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