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The Ghost in You - Psychadelic Furs (background lyrics)


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I’ve listened to The Psychedelic Furs' The Ghost in You a MILLION TIMES and can’t for the life of me decipher what the background lyrics are behind the chorus vocals. RB sings it in a few videos on You Tube as a separate verse, but I can't make some of it out, especially the last line. It's something like:

Strong, sweet time is

You and I and

Rain don't fall down

Here no more, it's

Starting down to oozing in

In you

That last line can't be right. It makes zero sense. Does anyone know the real lyrics?

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OMG! It was driving me crazy,too! THANK YOU so much for posting this - you MADE MY YEAR! I have been trying to figure them out since 1984.

I've just re-written my will to include the words "Love is all of heaven away" as my epitaph. This, the extent of how I love this song.

Thank you again!

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I just found the lyrics among my papers, they played live in Spain for the TV show I worked in. They were promoting "Mirror Moves" (the album with this song) It was in 1984. The sound-check was just amazing... they played the whole concert... we were just five people on the TV set. the at night, the concert was amazing too... :)

Yes, I'm getting old... :cool:

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I found an karaoke version of Ghost in You with only the music and background vocals. I know the karaoke lyrics are all wrong, but the tracks (including the background vocals) seem to be original. I feel like there's more words to it than just the ones listed in this thread. Have a listen!


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