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I recorded a few covers.

'In the Mood' by Rush

'Is There Anybody Out There' by Pink Floyd

the Clockwork Orange theme song

I was recently recording 'Airbag' by Radiohead. Got pretty far but got bored. I might finish it later.

Also I used to play in a cover band. Mostly punk, but also some Pixies, Jon Spencer and stuff like that. We even used to play a f$#ked-up version of 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson. We mostly got payed in booze. It was just fun and games and our friends used to go to all the shows and dance and cheer. The only 'original' song had a bad techno beat, the bass line from 'Thriller' by Wacko again, record scratching of 'We Are Not Gonna Take It' by Twisted Sister, and the guitar was all noise.

I was on another band of originals plus some songs from the first Pink Floyd album.

May find some more if I look around the old tapes....

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Well I don't have a band but me and a few friends will occaisionally get together and record some stuff for fun, it's fun though and I could probably put 'em on the net sometime (though I lost all the ones we've done previously)

We've done loads of stuff though, off the top of my head

Betterman-Pearl Jam

Immortality-Pearl Jam

Come As You Are-Nirvana

Something In The Way-Nirvana(this was fun to do, 'cuz we used guitar for the cello part made another bass line, but kept the same atmosphere)

Heart Shaped Box-Nirvana

loads of Nirvana

Losing My Religion-R.E.M.(didn't sound great, 'cuz that day was the first day I ever attempted to play a mandolin)

E-Bow The Letter-R.E.M.(this was another fun one, 'cuz it had a lot of other instruments too that I converted to other instrumental parts, and so on and so on, and plus it's one of my favorite songs of all time)

What's The Frequency Kenneth-R.E.M.(we were just messin' around and I was just playing really ackward chords when all of a sudden I got the exact same sound as the opening for it (I couldn't remember it for the life of me though) so we just jammed it out right there)

Basically we just get together and attempt to play songs in live takes, but I've gotten pretty good at producing stuff on my PC (I *ahem* 'bought(yeah right)' a really cool mixing program) and I can actually make professional sounding tracks. Unfortunately we just tape recorded most of these(and I lost the tapes) and we did a few digitally, but I deleted 'em, they wouldn't be very 'user friendly' either 'cuz I liked the 'live feel' so I didn't bother to edit the parts out where someone would, say, mess a chord up and say F*** as loud as he could, and basic stuff like that.

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I'm goin' down to my PC right now to check........................It's called 'Samplitude Producer' and it isn't anything 'super fancy' but I can get the desired effects (it was also a great way to teach myself to produce tracks, crossfading, key changing, reversing, stereo effects, NO problem :thumbsup:)

Yeah it's a pretty good program, some of the effects you can change in real time, but not all of them, though dubbing and track placement are really easy

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It's been a long time since I was in a band. My first band, we did...

- Hit the Road Jack (The Stampeders version)

- Lyin' Eyes (The Eagles)

- You Could Have Been A Lady (April Wine)

- Tonite is a Wonderful Time (April Wine)

Later on with another band...

- Takin' Care of Business (BTO)

- Paranoid (Black Sabbath)

- N.I.B. (Black Sabbath)

- What You're Doing (Rush)

to be continued.....

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I'll probably have some stuff available to download sometime this winter. Once school starts I'm gonna start looking for some great guys to form a crappy little garage band with :thumbsup:

Shouldn't be too hard for me to do though, I became pretty well known at little 'coffeeshop events' that my school had last year, I went up there with just me and a guitar and did some of my own songs Dylan style, people evidently liked what they heard, so I'll keep y'all posted on what goes down (like any of you actually care :laughing:)

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The band I used to play in about 8 years ago never recorded any covers for our demos, but we did a few rehearsal tapes of our jams. We used to do things like:

God Of Thunder - Kiss

Strutter - Kiss

Whole Lotta Rosie - AC/DC

Bitch - The Rolling Stones

She Kissed Me - Terence Trent D'arby

Cheap and Nasty Love - Slade

I have also recorded a cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" which turned out pretty bad because I couldn't sing it very well and my surf band recorded a version of "Almost Feel The Sand" by the Rosebuds, but we're not releasing that until we have clearance from the writers.

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yeah, good luck with finding band members scott. Sadly even if i ever learn how to play guitar. I dont think i would be able to form a band with people at my school. I dont really know anyone there. :( kind of sad. people are into rap here. WEST COAST RAP. lol and then those that like rock are gothic. Slipknot fans, i dont like that.

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