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3 Doors Down Frontman Brad Arnold


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Last Friday, Brad Arnold called me and proceeded to make me laugh for about the next 30 minutes or so. This guy is a one-man comedy show with a wicked southern accent thrown in. So not expected by me.

We talked about a lot of 3DD's big hits, and some other lesser-known cuts off their CDs. While researching for this interview, I discovered that a lot of songs I knew and loved and could never figure out who did them were 3DD. we talked about "Kryptonite." He confessed to cheating off the kid in front of him in math class to pass because he'd been so busy hammering out songs in that class to pay attention. I found out what an "education x-ray" is - a common thing that I never would have put that title to. But this is why he's Brad and I'm not.

Plus we had different parents.

Check out the interview

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