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Sandy Chapin

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It took me a while to track down Sandy Chapin, who was married to Harry Chapin and helped him write several of his songs, including "Cat's In The Cradle." I've seen her described as a "socialite," and it became clear that her schedule is a bit fluid. If I was a person who made assumptions, I would assume she was flaky and irresponsible, living the good life from royalties and never doing any work. The truth is more complicated:

1) She has 6 grandchildren and is very much involved in their lives. This is, after all, the woman who wrote "Cat's In The Cradle." Anyone raising a child will appreciate someone like this.

2) Harry was really into giving away his money, and supported a lot of causes in Long Island. Since his death, Sandy has run the Harry Chapin Foundation, which continues to support his causes. She could have bailed on this a long time ago, but she's kept at it.

Both "Cat's In The Cradle" and "Taxi" turn me into a puddle. There's just something about regret that gets me. Talking to Sandy, it became clear that we can't anticipate our mistakes, which is one of life's cruel challenges. The best we can do is to learn from our experiences and pay attention to what some very special songs can teach: if you neglect your child, your child will neglect you.

Check out the Sandy Chapin Interview.

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I read the interview and I really enjoyed it... :thumbsup:

"Cat´s In The Craddle" is a classic and a very good song.

Harry Chapin´s story sort of reminded me a bit of John Lennon and "Beautiful Boy"... a father who wants to be a father but life makes other plans.

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