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check out Syd at www.sydband.com

Syd is a Boston based guitar :guitar: player (and college student) that most often tours the Northeast US. (He is playing a number of dates on the west coast in the near future- check the site). He has had an acoustic duo partner touring with him the past year, Tuck. Syd plays in a style, I feel, is influenced by Ani Difranco's percussive guitar style (I guess Syd being a former drummer :drummer: helps too). His lyrics have a personal folk-pop feel to them.

You can find downloadable songs on his website. His current CD, 'Week Days, Weak Knees' is available online at places like amazon.com

I have several of Syd's bootlegs (including ones from this fall that were pressed in limited 'official' release, with a 'go ahead and burn' policy.) So if you are interested we can work something out (ie. send some blank cdr(s), and I burn the show(s) on it and mail it back.)

Thanks for letting me ramble. :)

Check out Syd at www.sydband.com

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Ya know, I'm into cover songs, and a while ago ('bout a year) I downloaded an acoustic cover of blink 182's "Dammit" by a band called SYD. I actually lood around on Kazaa and in record shops, but couldn't find them anywhere. The cover was awesome, and much more personal sounding. Thanks for the links, I just listened to some of his/their songs on Soundclick. Nice. Can't wait 'till they come back to Philly,

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