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  1. I saw BNL back in 98? in Orlando (in the parking lot of Hard Rock Cafe). That was one of the best shows I have ever seen. It was a festival, and they weren't the headliner- but they stole the show and the audience let them know. Some of my favorite stuff were the improved intros and outros (and complete ditties) about stuff relevent to the local area (at the time central Florida was experiencing bad fires). It showed they can be very creative and intellegent. I loved that show!
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    check out Syd at www.sydband.com Syd is a Boston based guitar :guitar: player (and college student) that most often tours the Northeast US. (He is playing a number of dates on the west coast in the near future- check the site). He has had an acoustic duo partner touring with him the past year, Tuck. Syd plays in a style, I feel, is influenced by Ani Difranco's percussive guitar style (I guess Syd being a former drummer helps too). His lyrics have a personal folk-pop feel to them. You can find downloadable songs on his website. His current CD, 'Week Days, Weak Knees' is available onli
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