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  1. Nice! Awesome band if your into emo/punk, also check out Fallout Boy, Brand New, and Early November.
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    Ya know, I'm into cover songs, and a while ago ('bout a year) I downloaded an acoustic cover of blink 182's "Dammit" by a band called SYD. I actually lood around on Kazaa and in record shops, but couldn't find them anywhere. The cover was awesome, and much more personal sounding. Thanks for the links, I just listened to some of his/their songs on Soundclick. Nice. Can't wait 'till they come back to Philly,
  3. Does anyone here know exactly what this song is about. It's originally done by "Love Spit Love" and was later covered by "Brand New". It's a pretty good song, but the lyrics seem somewhat vague to me.
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