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Most Motivating Songs

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If I needed to be motivated to get a job done, then these would go straight into the CD player... Although i'd never finish, becasue I'm changing the CD every three minuets!

Bat Out of Hell, by Meatloaf

Smoke on The Water, by Deep purple

Ready to go, by Republica

When we were the new boys, by Rod Stewart

Power, by Snap (or Yazoo, I can't remember)

She's electric, by Oasis

Faster than the speed of night, by Bonnie Tyler

I have room for 13 more tracks on the CD, you have to fill them!

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Aren't those the same songs you had posted for best Driving Songs? Anyway, for some reason THE JACK by AC/DC always pumps me up and you can hammer to the beat while singing along! Shes got the jack jack jack jack jack jack jack,

She's Got The Jack!!!!!!!

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