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Soundflavor song samples

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You may have noticed a new feature on songs listed in the database. A link to sample a song mp3, HERE IS AN EXAMPLE .

I think this is fantastic, however with the filing of a lawsuit against playlist, I wonder about the future of "free streaming music" on the net.

Let's enjoy it for now though.

I like soundflavor, more choices!

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I get Google alerts on certain artists, and two days ago I got one for Radney Foster, who I interviewed about a year ago. Lo and behold, I clicked on the link and it was for Soundflavor. Then at the bottom of the page were direct links to my interview, and all the Songfacts articles!

So I got curiouser, and went through several other artists, and they have direct links to us from just about everything we have on file. It's great! I hope it drives a lot of people our way! :grin: :grin:

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