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Richards Won Wife With Christian Persuasion


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Richards: 'I Fought For Hansen'

Veteran rocker Keith Richards had a fight on his hands when he wanted to date his now-wife Patti Hansen - because he had to prove himself to her religious family.

The Rolling Stones frontman had to take on the former model's devout Christian brothers before they would welcome him into their family.

But Richards managed to persuade his future in-laws that he was worthy after arguing theology and threatening to fight them.

He says, "I had to fight the whole family to get my hands on Patti. I took Rodney on at theology, because he's a preacher, right? I had to take Gregory on, in some 'What are you doing to my sister?' thing.

"And Alfred, the oldest brother, was the same. He's 6 ft. something tall - he looks like the Marlboro Man. He didn't like me either. And so I invited him out and said, "Well, let's take it outside, let's take it in the yard, and duke it out. I mean you'll probably kill me, but you'll never walk the same again.'

"And after that we made our peace and now he's one of my greatest friends.

"It's not that they're crazy Christians, they're just very Christian. And I just take it as it comes."

Richards married Hansen on his 40th birthday in 1983 and the couple has two daughters, Theodora and Alexandra.

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