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  1. Just had some left over beef Stroganoff that I made last night.
  2. I love their tacos, too. They should not, in theory, be as tasty as they are, but there is no denying their bombastic flavor pow!
  4. My choice for best fast food breakfast sandwich would have to go to Jack in the Box for their Grilled Breakfast Sandwich. Damn, that is good!
  5. Hi Lissy! Have a happy birthday!
  6. We got some very exciting news concerning my father in law tonight, but the rules say we can not say anything publicly until December, when it is officially announced.......We will just have to settle for being very happy right now!
  7. It is still appreciated, Shawna! Sounds like you need a rest!
  8. Thank you friends, for the warm and heart felt greetings! I am with my family today, and any day with my family is a great day! Talk to you all soon!
  9. I cant help but post when it is my favorite subject....me!
  10. South Pasadena, California, Tree City. Also, for a while, home of the Cawston Ostrich Farm, the first ostrich farm in the USA, established in 1886. http://www.google.com/search?q=south+pasadena&hl=en&safe=off&gbv=2&ndsp=21&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=iw
  11. Sounds like fun! Good thing she did not have some goon there with her What did you think of Chuck Berry?
  12. Good to hear from you, Marine! Keep your head down.
  13. I have been hypnotized by this all morning......
  14. But it makes your breath smell clean!
  16. Not too familiar with his movies. It is his stand up I dont find funny.
  17. Cops with any time on the department at all have heard about every comment about donuts that you could think of. Same with the siren sounds or the ever witty "I didnt do it!" We hear it all the time, usually from some passive aggressive person. Comes with the territory. Most of us have a sense of humor about it, but some dont. I dont let it bother me and I will usually joke back.
  18. Or he could be looking for a DUI arrest. Drunk drivers (or tired drivers) will do all sorts of things that call attention to themselves, including driving slowly or braking suddenly when there is no obvious reason to brake. It happens to me when I am tired. I sometimes think I see something running across the road and it causes me to want to brake. It usually scares the piss out of me and gives me a nice adrenaline high for the rest of the ride home. Was the cop a dick or unprofessional to you? Do you know why he pulled over the other car? It is his job to pull over cars and, if he has a legitimate reason to do so, whats the problem? Perhaps there have been complaints about drunk drivers leaving the pub, or there have been accidents. My department does not prohibit hanging out near bars to pop DUI's, but I have never known anyone to do that. I cant say he was not, as you put it, "Power hungry" but he sounds like he was out doing his job and doing proactive police work instead of just sitting around waiting for an accident call.
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