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  1. A comprehensive review of 99 forensic, criminological, and other scientific references was undertaken with regards to analyzing the postmortem blood morphine level of Kurt Cobain. The following essay reports on this review, which includes 19 studies of 1526 deaths specifically involving blood morphine levels of intravenous heroin related overdoses, as shown in Appendix A. Other studies which were reviewed include thousands of heroin-related deaths in general, over 3226 heroin related overdoses, over 3586 suicides, 760 violent suicides, several significant staged deaths, autopsy procedures &
  2. JAm3z


    ur entitled 2 ur opinion but i think that hey ROCK :guitar: :guitar:
  3. JAm3z


    seems we have a simmalar taste aye. hahaha m yea
  4. it cant of been courtney. but she mite have had somthing 2 do with it. it may have even be an enemy/rival or a psycho obsesed fan or sum1 who disagreed with him who eva did it appart from kurt... i hate them
  5. now that i think about it, shes 2 stupid 2 go on unsuspected this long well she is suspected but not caught. she couldnt handle it. cobain probly did comit suicide he tryd 2 wen he was younger by lying on some train trax but was un successful. he was depressed and his suicide note was quite convincing. Hes a great musician and should just b respected as apossed 2 b the source of arguments. he obviously didnt like his ife. he was mentaly depressed (listen 2 his lyrics) any way he rocked thats all that matters :guitar:
  6. cobain ROX :guitar: i reck hes cooooool courtney love did kill him she like hierd a hitman probly coz shes evil
  7. JAm3z


    wats better. System of a down- Nirvana- Metallica- The Darkness- Guns and roses- led zepplin- or ac-dc- put them in order of best and send back. im curious wat other ppl think i think its 1-nirvana and system 2-metallica 3-led and guns 4-ac dc 5- the darkness thats only my opinion
  8. TRUE! with the shotgun part but it could have been a double barrell...
  9. yea thay are awsum songs hahaha i havnt herd nib or stranglehold but the rest are cool
  10. This is my 3rd post but its coz im in the mood. anyways what do u guys think about kurt cobains death? i tink courtney loe hierd a hitman and yea wat are you guys thoughts?
  11. What are u guys top metal and rock songs. top 10 favs. THANx my_donkey_is_stoned@hotmail.com
  12. lars ulrich- metallica dave grohl- nirvana john dollymain- system of a down joey jordson(or wateva his name is)- slipknot
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