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  1. Alaina1268

    Dylan and Heaven's Door

    Wow you learn something new everyday..didn't know that either. I do have to say that I also like Gun's & Roses version too..(does that show my age?? I'm 35 lol).
  2. Alaina1268

    First music videos

    The first music videos were made by the group/record company to go along w/the single they were pushing. That's why some are just old movie looking ones filmed of the singers at clubs etc.
  3. Alaina1268

    Music for Intimacy.

    well let's see how about: "Have you ever needed someone so bad" & "Miss you in a heartbeat" and a few others--Def Leppard "Shook me all night long"----AC/DC several from KISS "Lovin touchin squeezin"---Journey
  4. Alaina1268

    White Lion

    well, I can tell ya way back when I worked at six flags over texas they came there for a concert. I met them when they came over to ask where a certain ride was. They were dressed to "blend" w/the crowd and were very shy types....Just like most of the musicians who came there they got lost on their way back to the stage....lol