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  1. Wow you learn something new everyday..didn't know that either. I do have to say that I also like Gun's & Roses version too..(does that show my age?? I'm 35 lol).
  2. The first music videos were made by the group/record company to go along w/the single they were pushing. That's why some are just old movie looking ones filmed of the singers at clubs etc.
  3. well let's see how about: "Have you ever needed someone so bad" & "Miss you in a heartbeat" and a few others--Def Leppard "Shook me all night long"----AC/DC several from KISS "Lovin touchin squeezin"---Journey
  4. well, I can tell ya way back when I worked at six flags over texas they came there for a concert. I met them when they came over to ask where a certain ride was. They were dressed to "blend" w/the crowd and were very shy types....Just like most of the musicians who came there they got lost on their way back to the stage....lol
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