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  1. ZZ Top is the [bleep] Santana is awsome but i nvr really liked him i just idk lol but u arent gonna belive that i am related 2 jim morrison but i am seeing as my name is Rob James Morrison u can kinda guess where i got my name from but my dad is good friends with rob from the doors and has one of his guitars and lemme tell u it is a nice as hell
  2. ha ha i dont think u can consider him one of the best but another really cool guitarest is the guy from zz top lol than band ownz :happybanana:
  3. yeah van halen is like my secound fav but angus young lol u cant mess wit him that guy is insane and thunderstruck that song is the best :happybanana: Go Alex Van Halen
  4. i didnt see the last one i call Van Halen over Hendrix
  5. hell yeah van halen ownz i saw him in concert a few times really god solos and i like alex 2 but hes a drummer i love his peavey and idk the other one but van halen is def one of the best
  6. B.B. King is awsome i never really got into Prince but i have alot of respect for him my favs are Van Halen Angus Young Jimmy Page Eric Johnson SLASH Eric Clapton :guitar:
  7. i personally like van halen or angus young but i dotn know what u consider them and eric clapton is the man cant mess with him
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