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    Reading; writing; music with deep intense lyrics that make your mind work ; His knowledge of the English and how to pronounce. This man is my idol

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  1. Please excuse any errors I may make; I've just discovered this site and I'm still learning. I'm not much of a social media person so please forgive any mistakes I may make whilst I'm learning.  I'm open to advice and guidance and some handy tips.; but please do not be rude or nasty ; I'm a friendly person who can laugh at myself; so if I happen to make some sort of error its completely unintentional and I apologize in advance.

    Cheers Ange

    1. Carl


      Hey Ange. Happy to have you. Looks like some of your posts you put "Ange" as the topic. I fixed those to make them more likely what you intended.

    2. Ange
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