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  1. talk about your pioneering groups,well one of the best were the five royales out of north Carolina,who long before[james brown]had a hit with[think]and some more too-when you walked in-schoolgirl-right around the corner..and long before the shirelles they hit with[dedicated to the one I love]one of the great groups ever.
  2. this should be fun,ok here we go...the drifters[perfect name for this group of interchangeable singers coming and going]...the supremes [they were during the whole decade of the sixties]...the impressions[once you hear them sing you will be impressed]...the miracles[they were blessed with the greatest songwriter ever]...earth wind fire[their music is the elements of the universe]...the spinners[they kept the hits spinning in the seventies]...the beach boys[California beach at it's best]...the rolling stones[fifty years and still rolling]...the temptations[listen and be tempted].
  3. hi all,this is a very cool site,but there don't seem to be many folks here,do I come in at the wrong time?it's as if I'm here all alone,helloooooooooooo!!!!
  4. I know there have been many,but I just have a few that makes me wonder-how could it miss???...gotta give her love-the volumes[1964]this one is just cool...truly yours-the spinners[1966]was anyone listening...never could you be-the impressions[1965]maybe it was too cool...I'm still waiting-patti labelle and the blue belles[1966]what can I say...without a doubt-major lance[1967]you gotta be kidding...well if you got any come on and vent with me.
  5. this is just my opinion of the top ten just pretty songs...yes I'm ready-Barbara mason[sweet]..i'll try something new-the miracles[gorgeous]..what love has joined-the temptations..i'm riding your shadow down to love-the spinners..with you-the moments[pure romance]..time after time-the isley brothers..wonderful wonderful-johnny mathis[classic]..our day will come-ruby and the romantics..just before sunrise-the impressions..always and forever-heatwave..funny-walter Jackson...if you have a list put it down.
  6. a gem,from one of the greatest groups ever..Eugene record wrote most of the tunes here as well as sang lead,just check em out[living in the footsteps of another man-oh girl-being in love-a lonely man-love is]the haunting[coldest days of my life]and a great cover of[inner city blues]...maybe the album of the seventies-a classic album from a classic group!
  7. Eugene Dixon[aka]gene chandler,out of the windy city he started with his group[the dukays]and had some nice cuts[night owl-the girl's a devil-festival of love-kissing in the kitchen]and the one that started it all..duke of earl[1962] well shortly after this one hit gene went solo and kept on hittin with-nothing an stop me-what now-god bless our love-just be true-fooled you this time-it's gonna be good times-river of tears,as the seventies began gene was still doing it...groovy situation-not the marrying kind-get down, and even into the eighties...does she have a friend for me-i'll be there...he wasn't called[clean gene]for nothing,his stage outfits were awesome-triple breasted pink suits[before pink was in]very cool singer and a legend-clean gene chandler.
  8. remember those cool dudes solving cases...mannix [mike Connors was da man]...77 sunset strip [kookie-kookie lend me your comb]...Robert taylor's detectives[some badd dudes]...simon an simon[two bros.solving those crimes]...peter gunn [cool craig stevens with that jazz sound]...magnum p.I.[laid back magnum cool].
  9. from[1965]from it's cool[white on white]cover to the great songs-the girl's alright with me-since I lost my baby-born to love you-my baby-don't look back....one of the temps best ever.
  10. if I may,here's my top ten alltime...our day will come-ruby and the romantics[10]...i'll always love you-the spinners[9]...a stand in for love-the o'jays[8]...if I didn't love you-chuck Jackson[7]...love is a hurting thing-lou rawls[6]...prove it-Aretha franklin[5]the tears-the supremes[4]...can I-eddie kendricks[3]...i'll try something new-the miracles[2]...girl why you wanna make me blue-the temptations[1].
  11. day tripper[the vontastics]is much better that the beatles version.
  12. from clyde mcphatter to ben e.king this classic group cranked out a whole menu of goodies throughout the fifties and sixties...such a night-let the boogie woogie roll-money honey-fools fall in love-gone-ruby baby-steamboat-there goes my baby-true love true love-save the last dance for me-I count the tears-on broadway-up on the roof...and many more from one of the greatest groups of the doo-wop era.
  13. who's a fan of this classic album from 1966 recorded at the roostertail in Detroit,the fellas are in top form from the opening to the finale.
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