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  1. Thanks very glad NPQ - that's the very one. Kudos. :haveabeer:
  2. Can anyone direct me to a song? Possibly early 2000s, maybe late '90s. Think it may have been a rap artist. Nice little tune, almost Canon in D, words something like see you when you get there. Possibly. Any ideas?
  3. The Smiths - Reel Around the Fountain?
  4. Is that little charmer a chubby-wubby Keef Richards?
  5. Well the mummy looks like Ray Davies.
  6. That's Stu Cooke from the Revival of Credence and Clearwater, surely? If it is, I be doing a Zepfan and deferring me hearties... :frenchie:
  7. Some sort of power trio with a younger Ginger Baker in the middle? :frenchie:
  8. Hope you had a lovely day Edna - too much cake, Rioja, that sort of nice day ha ha.
  9. It does look like Sid Vicious.
  10. This isn't Vanda or Young again, is it?
  11. I'm lost. Anybody remember the old tv show Soap? Confused? You won't be... :frenchie:
  12. I once posted a picture with the singer's name on it. Doh! As to this fella. Somebody from Sherbert? They had a great tune around '76, Howzat. I'm away to listen to it. :frenchie:
  13. Walking ever so slightly on the wild side, RIP Mr Reed... This singer once declared he'd rather have a cup of tea than sex.
  14. Possibly while playing with his ding-a-ling? Ooohhh sorry.
  15. Justin Hayward? Rick Parffit from the Mighty Quo?
  16. Well spotted. I thought that would be a tricky one too! Don't know the robot's name but, given his dancing, he must have been the only automaton with arthritis. :frenchie:
  17. Today's challenge, pop picturers. Looking for the one on the left. :frenchie:
  18. Mrs Stevie Wonder. :frenchie:
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