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  1. Female Artists or bands with a female lead singer. Alanis Morissette Bangles C D E F Go-Go's, The Heart I J K L7 Madonna N O Pink Q R S T U V Waterflow X Y Z
  2. Birds....f*ckin birds r everywhere....i'm so scared of birds, it's ridiculous!
  3. having a sore throat is extremely irritating!
  4. I feel "Slow like Honey" by Fiona Apple is quite unique...
  5. Good for u..now u can join me! So, what happened after you took candy from strangers?
  6. "put the bone in" - WOW! Some title. If you want god-awful, Miley Cyrus would be top on my list. I don't know who writes this crap!
  7. LOL oh THAT sweet lord! Nah, I'm not kiddin! I thought he was joking about some church choir song I am waiting for my hair to dry itself.......
  8. I was watching Ms. Potter of something of that sort on TV but I decided to switch it of...way too 'fantasy' for me.
  9. Right now, I seem to be hell bent on making my shoulder pain worse.
  10. Whew! I don't have to face the lightning bolt then i guess! Anyhow, it was awesome talking to you guys today...it's time for to leave work now (yes, i was at work!) Have fun!
  11. I am honoured dear sir! What do you guys like?
  12. lol I bet the delay made you think you succeeded in scaring me off! Well, for starters, I don't know the song "my sweet lord" (yes, sue me!) but I'm quite an expert in standing on one leg, so there! As for music, I like almost every kind, except for rap. Favourites include - Metallica, GNR, Aerosmith, Alanis Morissette, Goo Goo Dolls, RHCP...endless.....
  13. Yes, for sure. I'm typing very quite fast and moving my hands away right after finishing!
  14. I am from Bangladesh and I joined songfacts recently but I guess that's obvious from my 'tadpole' status.
  15. I'll be waiting to see that then! I think we're making this thread way more random than usual ~ correct me if i'm wrong though
  16. oh no! I am sorry Farin! no harm intended! I'm now waiting to see The Seeker die!
  17. LOL how observant of u! Is Farin female, 'cause where I'm from, girls are named Farin? Or am I just upsetting a guy?
  18. yes, i am female. I suppose the person I have to meet is you?
  19. I'm getting bored and irritated with all the mindless conversation around me....
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