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  1. I am hungry and lunch time isn't for another 1.5 hours...I can't get a snack now because there's nothing around UGH! And my scratchy throat is killing me!!
  2. Drinking warm water...trying to soothe my scratchy throat....
  3. Oh man! It must be fun to see your peers and compare them with how they were 30 years ago! And on the money front, things do look depressing. The upside, however, is the fact that I am making a decent amount of money right now and I pay for things with cash or debit card. I don't believe in credit cards so I don't own one.I know myself quite well; credit cards will only increase my unnecessary expenses. My investment in the stock market is looking moderately healthy....not if I could only afford to pay 12,375 pounds for my masters I'd be in London right now (wow that turned out quite long)
  4. I got 3 hours of sleep right now and so i am trying my best to stay away at work....
  5. When people at work talk continuously when you're trying to relax!
  6. I am listening to people around me talking crap!
  7. I know! Some days, I am terrified of getting older! But the thought of having more money is a pleasant one...please tell me older people have more money! It's the only hope I have!
  8. Please do - I'd like to get better acquainted with the thought patterns of ghosts... And yes my avatar is a woman. I hate the fact that SF allows VERY poor quality images to be uploaded. I couldn't upload anything nice
  9. Don't be that way! You never know till you try! *pukes*
  10. Good! My headache however, in grinding my gears quite successfully.
  11. Female Artists or bands with a female lead singer. Alanis Morissette Bangles Cocteau Twins Dido Elastica F Go-Go's, The Heart I Jewel Katy Perry L7 Madonna N O Pink Quarterflash Runaways Scandal T U V Waterflow X Y Z
  12. It's alright, my name IS similar to Farin's! and I take it he's quite popular! lol
  13. Oh no! How did you guys find out that I am all of the above??!!
  14. The mirror screams out at you Looks you in those deep set eyes And asks you how. What were you supposed to do, Those cruel heartless goodbyes Are a part of you now. She spins, she dances and she cries, Because she knows those weren’t lies She finds herself cloaked in gray She denies that her mind’s gone astray. What more could you have hoped to find, When the world has left you behind? Irreparable damage, Unapproachable bends, Overwhelming baggage, Too much to make amends. Someday her mind will set her free, She’ll learn to herself be true. Maybe then they’ll have to agree, There wasn’t much she was left to do Please let me know what you guys think of it and how I can improve it. Thanx!
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