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  1. Appetite For Destruction - Guns and Roses Bella Donna ~ Stevie Nicks Combat Rock - The Clash D Emotional Rescue ~ The Rolling Stones Full Moon Fever - Tom Petty G H I Joshua Tree - U2 Kick - INXS Little Creatures ~ Talking Heads M N O Pyromania--Def Leppard Queensryche - Queensryche Rio - Duran Duran Surfer Rosa ~ Pixies Tattoo You - The Stones Under THe Cherry Moon - Prince Violent Femmes ~ Violent Femmes W Xanadu Original Movie Soundtrack - ELO/Olivia Newton-John, et. al. Y Z
  2. First guess would be Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  3. "Hey Man Nice Shot" - Filter "Overcome" - Tricky
  4. Alice Cooper Bono Costello, Elvis Dylan, Bob Eminem Flea Gloria Gaynor H Ice Cube John, Elton K L.L. Cool J Meat Loaf N Onassis, Blackie Pink Q-Tip Ringo Starr Sting Tori Amos Uncle Kracker V W Xzibit Yankovic, "Weird Al" Zombie, Rob
  5. "Screams Behind the Shadows" - Sepultura
  6. Since we are talking about guitarists from moderately successful and popular bands, I would have trouble picking the worst i.e. someone unable to play competently since I don’t really feel qualified to judge them based on technical ability alone. Also there are plenty of ones that could be viewed as overrated since there are lots of musicians able to play just as well if not better. The problem is once someone or something reaches a critical mass of popularity or acclaim there comes the inevitable backlash known as “overratedâ€. It seems to happen with everything: songs, album, bands, genres etc. I prefer to steer clear of it. The music I like either says something to me or provokes something in me regardless of the general consensus, good or bad. In my opinion most guitarists, at least in famous bands, are not particularly innovative but they do have a style which fits in well with the overall sound and message of their band. They may not be spectacular on their own like Hendrix or Clapton but they mesh well with the other elements of the band’s music. For example a genre like punk rock or grunge is considered to be loud, raw and simple so obviously a guitarist (like Kurt Cobain, Jack White or Johnny Ramone) in a punk/grunge band would have a pretty basic playing style but add to them an excellent rhythm section, decent vocalist, good lyrics and emotive delivery and they become great, in that context. And as Blind-Fitter pointed out technical excellence is not as important as the spirit behind the music. That said and giving in to the temptation to defend musicians I like... a few thoughts on the first post’s list: While I don’t think Noel is that talented or groundbreaking he does have an excellent ear for melody and for putting chords together that complements Oasis’ sound and attitude and makes up for his lack of playing ability. And even he called himself “averageâ€. Secondly Rage’s music is what I consider true hard rock: explosive, intense and with a point and that is largely due to Morello’s incredible use of effects and his dynamic, vicious riffs which nicely mirror Zach’s intensely passionate rants. In my opinion few guitarists rock harder or better.
  7. Olivia DeHavilland (older star)
  8. A Bono C D Eminem F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  9. "I Have No Doubt" - Point of Grace
  10. "Blue Suede Shoes" - Carl Perkins "What'd I Say" - Ray Charles
  11. Avril Lavigne B Chrissie Hynde Dido Elizabeth Fraser Frederica von Stade Gloria Estefan H Imogen Heap Janis Joplin K Loes van Schaijk ("WaterFlow") Madonna Nelly Furtado O, Karen Pink Q Rihanna Stevie Nicks Tori Amos U Vega, Suzanne W X Y Zoey Deschanel
  12. Because he obviously would fix it to preserve the integrity of the game.
  13. It is but it seems the classy thing to do would be not to call attention to it. Any Female Singer Avril Lavigne B Chrissie Hynde D Elizabeth Fraser F Gloria Estefan H I Janis Joplin K L Madonna N O P Q R Stevie Nicks Tori Amos U Von der Maur, Melissa W X Y Z
  14. Some answers, more questions and a hydrogen bomb detonation. Excellent finale, can't wait for the last season.
  15. I agree. The Essential Bob Dylan (2000) compilation is an excellent introduction. As for albums the two previously mentioned as well as Bringing It All Back Home (1965) are great "electric" rock albums. The classic The Freewheeling Bob Dylan (1963) is probably his best folk acoustic album. Another favourite of mine is 1975's Blood on the Tracks a lovely breakup album that ranks with his best '60's work in my opinion.
  16. It was a sort of a joke/rhetorical question; no replies expected Everyone has their preferences and I wasn't really offended I just think there are some great songs in this list (and ones that have not made the Top 10 yet or even been nominated for that matter).
  17. Including your noms? Was anyone else even mildly offended by this? 1. "Porcelain" - Moby (1999) 2. "I Shall Be Released" - The Band (1968) 3. "Paraffin" - Ruby (1995) 4. "Big Bang Baby" - Stone Temple Pilots (1996) 5. "She's Leaving Home" - The Beatles (1967) 6. "Add Me" - Chumbawamba (2008) 7. "Just Like Honey" - The Jesus and Mary Chain (1985) 8. "Hell Yes" - Beck (2005) 9. "Grace" - Jeff Buckley (1994) 10. "Goodbye Stranger" - Supertramp (1979) Honourable mentions to the excellent comedic songs: "Smells Like Nirvana" - Weird Al Yankovic (1992) "Punk Rock Girl" - The Dead Milkmen (1988)
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