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  1. Boys' names (7x) If we can't find another bank to rob I'll do ugly things to make it happen.
  2. Toby wants to WIN Every race buT EAch time he drives his caB, EERie things happen that cause him to lose.
  3. Background Members (Drums, Bass, Piano, Brass, etc) (No lead singers or regular guitarists) Allen, Rick (Def Leppard) Bonham, John (Led Zeppelin) Clemons, Clarence (E Street Band) Dino Danelli (Rascals) E F G Helliwell, John (sax) Supertramp I J K L Moon,Keith (The Who) N O Peart, Neil (Rush) Q R S T U V Watts or Wyman (Stones) X Y Z
  4. Beautiful People - Australian Crawl (fanstastic debut single from class Ozrock band. Now, if I can just find their appearance on Countdown when the lead singer had just broken both arms in a car accident, plus hawaiian shirts... Got it!: )
  5. LeeBB

    Who is that?

    No, not him, whoever John Linnell may be ;-)
  6. LeeBB

    Who is that?

    Okay, because that is Suzi, which nobody can deny, here's my pic: LBB
  7. LeeBB

    Who is that?

    Suzi Quatro. Looking pretty good too.
  8. (Borkman Turner Overdrive is an old old joke among my friends, Joe. Probably because it's my name.) btw, we need a song title starting with "Yet". Tricky!
  9. I'm not really back. This online community stuff can too easily suck up my whole life. It;s not good for me ;-)
  10. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Borkman Turner Overdrive
  11. Poor Bob Marley... not even nominated. It ain't love that he's feeling. LBB
  12. Rocks Off, 3rd best song on Exile (first best according to wife and their most underrated song. Tumbling Dice, Happy, plus I have a childhood soft spot for a lot of Black And Blue. LBB
  13. Edna, you been listening to the Live In London album? It's BEAUTIFUL! Yee haa! LB
  14. Yes indeed, Kevin. A smash hit, I do believe. Sister Janet Mead, a good Australian girl, was nominated for a Grammy, and the single went to #4 in the US in 1974. Anyway, I told my wife to go stick her head up a dead bear's bum, because it was a stupid suggestion, and because she loves it when I talk to her like that. LBB
  15. Did anyone seriously think that there could ever be a definitive answer to this one? btw, my wife suggests: "Our father, who art in heaven" LBB
  16. LeeBB

    Who is that?

    That's the guy. Did you get it from the nude shot? Bonus points if you can name the band. Yay!, Lee.
  17. ... but out in the big wide world, how about?: "Ground Control to Major Tom" L.
  18. Some contenders for the most recognisable OzRock lyric: "Well the last plane out of Sydney's almost gone" "They got married early" "Hey now, Hey now" "Monday morning feels so bad" LBB
  19. Of course! I always enjoy songs about New York. See ya, Lee.
  20. Hey, I recognise that one, Laurie! But I don't think my wife and my mum stand a chance. Not even if I do the sound effects with my mouth...
  21. Aah, Free Bird, yes. Virtually unheard of in Australia. I have heard it... a kind of sludgy dirgy thing, quite unlike anything else by LS. I can hear that guitar theme in my head now. Thanks for enlightening me ;-) LBB
  22. It's amazing how many of these aren't familiar to me, eg "Y'gotta lose your mind in Detroit, Rock City"... that's gotta be Kiss, right? "If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?" no idea ;-( I'm losing my edge. LBB
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