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  1. Will do Janey!! My boss has been out all day so I'm not working!! Hiya Peach, I know don't ya just love that song!!!
  2. I think I'd have to echo what someone else said: Digable Planets ~ Very cool very jazzy feel De La Soul ~ Fun, different than the norm Big Daddy Kane ~ Quick-witted, Smart and his vocab is out of this world KRS One ~ In MY opinion one of the best to ever do it, smart, razor sharp lyrics *********And if all else fails: You could never go wrong with Ladies Love Cool Jay.....LL that is great beats and rhymes not to mention it doesn't hurt that he has those abs of steel YUM!
  3. Hiya Jane! I'm good hope all's well with you & yours!!!
  4. Sometimes when I'm really not so happy It seems no matter what I do Or no matter how hard I try I really can't get high I miss you Minnie!!
  5. Ray Parker, Jr. & Raydio - Jack And Jill Jack {Jack} Wanting someone to feel {Feel} Sat up on the hill {Hill} And waited all day for Jill Jill {Jill} Always away from home {Home} Never bothering to phone {Phone} Always leavin' poor Jack alone Now why do you think Jack snuck down the hill (He snuck down the hill) ‘Cause he needed love {He needed} Love he couldn't get from Jill (Oh, yes, he did) Why do you think Jack snuck down the hill (He snuck down the hill, yeah) He needed love (Oh, yes, he did) {He needed} Love he couldn't get from Jill Jack {Jack} Like
  6. ^Absolutely NOT! >Tis the season so FUN it UP!!! v Have you ever gone out for the evening and had sooooo much fun, lost track of time and had to go right to work in the same party outfit with NO sleep?
  7. Say Say Say ~ Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney
  8. Top Ten Items To Regift: 10. Aunt Ethel's Fruit Cake from last Xmas. 9. Bobble head Bush ornament. 8. any item that is part of a "line" named Martha Stewart 7. That unopened picture frame from 1997. 6. Britney Spears Christmas Classic CD 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
  9. False, I'd forgive him for my mental health then I'd have to leave him. You believe once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater?
  10. So true! You'd tell your BFF that his/her spouse were having an affair.
  11. Top 10 shows you would like to terrorize or see go off the air soon ! 10. Dancing With the Stars 9. COPS 8. The Bachelor 7. The Wheel Of Fortune 6. American Idol 5. The Sarah Silverman Program 4. I Love New York 3. 2. 1.
  12. What sweetens my coffee?? I have a date on Sunday!
  13. Hershey's Auntie Anne's or Cinnabon?
  14. Like...when they belong to someone else! Overtime?
  15. False. Your boss is a really sweet guy.
  16. Shock The Monkey ~ Peter Gabriel It's the weekend, so let's....
  17. Never Gonna Give You Up ~ Rick Astley
  18. Don't Bring Me Down ~ Electric Light Orchestra
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