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  1. Sassafras Girl ~ Pleasure
  2. A glass of water and a granny smith apple ((sure wish I had some peanut butter))
  3. What sweetens my coffee today? My job just gave out our Christmas bonuses, I have off tomorrow so I can clean my house decorate and start baking my holiday treats, and now my main squeeze who lives in a land far far 3hrs away can come see me a whole day earlier, so let the squeezing begin!! WOOOOO WHOOOOOO!
  4. Never Never Gonna Give You Up ~ Barry White
  5. Dislike...although to be honest I've never tried, just don't like the ideal of egg in me liquor! Chestnuts on an open fire?
  6. ^I am looking forward to a fresh start, a new renovated kitchen, and most importantly SPRING!!! >As she stands there singing for money..La day de la day da, (sorry can't get that song outta me head) v Do the holidays usually get you stressed?
  7. Everybody Everybody ~ Blackbox
  8. True! The more cake the better Yesterday you went out on your front lawn and made a "snow angel"
  9. I can like so long as they are NOT driving! Hot Totties?
  10. Hiya everyone! I have a 2 part question: OK would somebody PLEASE tell me what the heck Aud Lang Syne really really means? "Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?" (Is it just me or does that seem kinda mean? I mean your oldest friends are your bestest friends right? I remember in 3rd grade doing the brownie oath: "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold".) ALSO to all you guys and gals around the world and over seas: at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve do you sing this song to the top of your lungs in your drunken stooper lik
  11. ^ No one has mentioned it yet so I guess not. > Geeze I'm tryin so hard not to complain but good golly Ms. Molly I really don't like snow and it's coming down in buckets right now! v Do you usually buy your boss a gift? If so what?
  12. Nasty Girl ~ Vanity 6 (use to be my theme song...I know I know TMI but you're 'spose to share among friends right?)
  13. Absolutely true, going back to Jamaica in 2 weeks for the 3rd time yet haven't been to Australia yet, but it's on the to do before I die list!!! You get incredibily car sick on road trips.
  14. Confession: I plan on printing out address lables for my holiday cards this year, ON COMPANY TIME, Yikes! (Disclaimer: in past years I've always did them by hand, but by golly gee this time three weeks from now the fat man will have been here and time is NOT on my side)
  15. ^Oh yes my friend! It's so very hard not to: cookies and cakes and pies OH MY!!! > I just love the holiday season spending time with family and friends! v Come January 1 will you set the perverbial New Years Resolution for yourself? If so what will it be?
  16. False ~ being capable and actually going thru with it are two totally different things Sometimes you secretly wish you were single
  17. You Better Run ~ Pat Benatar
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