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  1. By George I think I've GOT IT!!! Thanks Bunches daslied & Farin YOUUUUU ROCK!
  2. Ok can somebody help me?? Since this is ask computer people room... How do I put a pic under my name? Please be nice I'm really techno challenged. But I feel so left out everybody has one, and I'd like one nothing fancy but something. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Kinda true I work better under pressure It's literally raining cats and dogs in your town.
  4. False I've been quite healthy so far this season You officially start your Christmas shopping in July
  5. False, just look up at the lights and get ta sneezing! In your top 20 favorite songs of all time your list includes Neil Diamond's: Forever In Blue Jeans
  6. 1977 "Go Your Own Way ~ Fleetwood Mac
  7. Tuna on wheat, about 14 mini pretzels, 1/2 cup of apple sauce and more spring water than the law will allow...... I HATE IT
  8. OMG! TRUE...only if I could turn back the hands of time. You currently have the theme song to the Banana Splits stuck in your head
  9. Do the Funky Chicken ~ Rufus Thomas :happybanana: My teacher told me....
  10. True You think Davey Jones is the most!
  11. Ya wanna know what's grinding my gears?? The fact that it's only DAY 3 of my diet and no matter how tight I close my eyes or click my heels 3 times this freakin tuna on wheat tastes nothing like the succulent chinese food my co-worker is scarfing down!!! :beady:
  12. Peaches And Cream ~ 112 Sometimes I wanna.....
  13. Milkshakes...since it brings all the boys to the yard Butter Pecan or Butter Almond?
  14. Oh yeah and I forgot, yell to the absolute top of my lungs: OLLY OLLY OXEN FREE!!!
  15. Geeeze Peaches I know just what ya mean, I try so hard to be grown up and responsible but dang it sometimes I just wanna ride my bike, play freeze tag and hands down 54, sit on my front step, eat Mike & Ikes, and listen to the Bee Gees ALL DAY!
  16. Burger OK and for the age old question is it Hoagie OR Sub?
  17. HEY EVERYBODY!!! Peaches haven't seen ya around lately, I was gonna put out an APB on ya! I haven't been online as much as I'd like to, they actually make ya really do work around this camp. YIKES!
  18. Mmmm FRIES! Chilli-dog or dog with sauerkraut?
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