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  1. Likey lots! Figgy pudding......(if there really is such a thing)
  2. False You'd much rather be fishing
  3. True You'll eat a salad for dinner tonight, to cancel out all the halloween candy you ate at work today
  4. Little Lies ~ Fleetwood Mac
  5. Root canal! PB&J or grilled cheese?
  6. Wanna Be Starting Something ~ Michael Jackson The older I get........
  7. 5. Psycho 4. Nightmare On Elm Street (the original) 3. Halloween (the very first one) 2. Carrie 1. Hellraiser....geeze I couldn't get that creepy guy outta me head for WEEKS!!
  8. Walk This Way ~ Aerosmith The sound of your voice makes me wanna.....
  9. Ocean breeze! Beach house or cabin in the forest?
  10. Gee Whiz (Look at his eyes) ~ Carla Thomas
  11. Oil kind Ocean breezes or Banana nut muffin scent?
  12. Dispensers! Scented candles OR Potpourri?
  13. Shake Your Thang ~ Salt & Pepa
  14. What do ya mean as a child, I still think they're in there!! Warm milk makes you sleepy
  15. Likes Hot Chocolate with mini marshmallows
  16. Croc Little Debbie or Tastykake
  17. 1981 In The Air Tonight ~ Phil Collins
  18. Big FAT FALSE You're going home to make a big pot of soup to ward off the cold, blistery weathery.
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