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    Top 10 Bass Line songs

    Would Strawberry Letter 23 qualify?? Or just not funky enough?
  2. JackieBlue

    Top 10 Sing Along Songs

    How about Good Times - By Chic The Land Down Under? ((I think that's what it's called)) Can't ya hear can't ya hear the thunder? - by Men at Work
  3. JackieBlue

    Concerts You've Attended

    The Jacksons' Destiny Tour @ Valley Forge in PA New Edition Teena Marie Run DMC Keith Sweat Brian McKnight Frankie Beverly & Maze Jill Scott Anita Baker
  4. JackieBlue

    what are the 5 best film for you

    No particular order: The Usual Suspects The Story of US The Godfather 1 & 2 It's a Wonderful Life Love Jones
  5. JackieBlue

    Things and people you miss...

    Hi Everybody ! Thanks so much for the welcome you guys sure know how to make a girl feel all warm & fuzzy! First just let me just say I am sooooo computer challenged but I sure like the message boards so I'm going to learn. Have a good weekend!!! P.S. OMG B-F I sooooo love you for that!
  6. JackieBlue

    What are you craving II

    A gynormus bowl of butter pecan ice cream!
  7. JackieBlue

    Things and people you miss...

    The Rockford Files Minnie Rippleton Penny Candy Marvin Gaye The Banana Splits on Saturday Mornings Ms Pac Man & Donkey Kong Strawberry Shortcake (and her gang) Huckle Berry Finn, Apple Dumplin & Blueberry Muffin The Little Rascals