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  1. Equally as bad is the 'sequel' to this song, although I'm not sure if the same trio is responsible for writing it: Judy's Turn To Cry Recorded by Lesley Gore 'Cause now it's Judy's turn to cry, Judy's turn to cry, Judy's turn to cry, 'Cause Johnny's come back to me. Oh, when Judy left with Johnny at my party And came back wearing his ring I sat down and cried my eyes out, Now that was a foolish thing! 'Cause now it's Judy's turn to cry, Judy's turn to cry, Judy's turn to cry, 'Cause Johnny's come back to me. Well, it hurt me so to see them dance together, I felt like
  2. I have always hated this song and I couldn't have agreed more. I would have added this song on my own had it not already been mentioned here. I don't even like Donna Summer's version of this song, although it's musically better than the original by Harris. At least you can dance to Summer's!
  3. Linda Eder was in Jekyll and Hyde, not Phantom. She originated the role of Lucy. The song you're thinking of is probably "Someone Like You," although it didn't make the top 40. Linda has had a couple of her songs made into dance hits and those have charted, but only on the dance/club charts. You're right, she does have a beautiful voice and her stage presence is great as well. She never appears to be nervous on stage. I've had the pleasure of seeing her in concert 5 times and have met her each time afterward (yes, I'm a groupie). However, it's been over a year since my last "fix" and
  4. As the youngest of 7, I can attest to the fact that older sibs always pave the way for younger sibs. Parents are always stricter on the older ones because they're the "test cases." I can relate, though, to the original post of this thread. It is amazing that we can discuss music and be in so many different places here on the 3rd rock. Diversity is a cool thing.
  5. Linda Eder has been around for years and was a Star Search champion in the late 80s. She has recorded 9 solo CDs and has most often been compared to Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland, whom she also cites as influences. In fact, her latest CD is called "By Myself: The Music of Judy Garland" which is a tribute CD. It was released October 4, 2005. Yet, she has never had a top 40 hit song, and none of her albums has broken into the top 100 of the Billboard chart. This is probably why she isn't in "the mainstream" as of yet. I was wondering if anyone else on this message board had heard
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