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  1. Well, I've got B-F on my side, so I suppose I've accomplished something.
  2. Yeah, all of Sgt. Pepper's was important. 67 was one of the hardest years to choose for, but I have a Doors bias.
  3. 1. "Across the Universe"- The Beatles 2. "Give Peace A Chance"- John Lennon 3. "Californication"- Red Hot Chili Peppers 4. "Who Are You"- The Who 5. "Rainy Day, Dream Away"- Jimi Hendrix 6. "The Message"- Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five 7. "Shapes of Things"- The Yardbirds 8. "Seven Nation Army"- The White Stripes 9. "Could You Be Loved"- Bob Marley 10. "Forever and Ever, Amen"- Randy Travis
  4. True, and Johnny Cash, but Jimmy Buffett took it to a new level. Except for Springsteen fans and Deadheads, I don't think there's any group more fanatical than the Parrotheads.
  5. I chose Space Oddity because to me it marks the true beginning of glam rock and was completely different from anything else before then. It's also a freaking awesome song. Batman has a point though, MC5 was incredibly influential also. I chose Jimmy Buffett because he was such an amazing crossover artist that pop fans, country fans, and rock fans could all enjoy. To me that's a really cool breakthrough. "You Really Got Me" I probably should have put as Eruption/You Really Got Me. That guitar solo changed rock guitar forever.
  6. This is a list I compiled, because I was bored. I assigned a song to each year that I believe was the most important song created that year. This does not mean it was the best song, just the most important. I only went to 1991 because I didn't feel like I knew enough about music (or liked enough music) afterwards to fairly judge. Friendly discussion is encouraged. What do you agree and disagree with? What would your suggestions be? For those of you who are more savvy with modern music, what would you put after 1991? Without further ado, here's the list: 1965- “Satisfactionâ€- Rolling Stones 1966- “Sounds of Silenceâ€- Simon & Garfunkel 1967- “Light My Fireâ€- The Doors 1968- “All Along the Watchtowerâ€- Jimi Hendrix 1969- “Space Oddityâ€- David Bowie 1970- “Across the Universeâ€- The Beatles 1971- “Stairway to Heavenâ€- Led Zeppelin 1972- “Smoke on the Waterâ€- Deep Purple 1973- “Free Birdâ€- Lynyrd Skynyrd 1974- “A Pirate Looks at Fortyâ€- Jimmy Buffett 1975- “Bohemian Rhapsodyâ€- Queen 1976- “More than A Feelingâ€- Boston 1977- “Anarchy in the U.K.â€- Sex Pistols 1978- “You Really Got Meâ€- Van Halen 1979- “Comfortably Numbâ€- Pink Floyd 1980- “Redemption Songâ€- Bob Marley 1981- “Tom Sawyerâ€- Rush 1982- “Billie Jeanâ€- Michael Jackson 1983- “Sunday, Bloody Sundayâ€- U2 1984- “Born in the USAâ€- Bruce Springsteen 1985- “Money for Nothingâ€- Dire Straits 1986- “It’s Trickyâ€- Run-D.M.C. 1987- “Welcome to the Jungleâ€- Guns N’ Roses 1988- “Oneâ€- Metallica 1989- “Rockin’ in the Free Worldâ€- Neil Young 1990- “Friend in Low Placesâ€- Garth Brooks 1991- “Smells Like Teen Spiritâ€- Nirvana
  7. "The Message"- Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five "Give Peace A Chance"- John Lennon I like preachy songs.
  8. You got it! You win... I dunno, pride points or something.
  9. I got into Love after reading Jim Morrison's biography, which often cited Love as the top band on the Sunset Strip scene. They were a great band. Very sad news.
  10. Wrong! I can understand the association between an Irish riddle and drinking, but that's incorrect.
  11. Alright, my turn, here's an Irish rhyming riddle: Two brothers are we, great burdens we bear In which we are bitterly pressed The truth we do speak, we are full all the day And empty when we go to rest
  12. Yeah, I do that too. Guess I'm just a nerd that way.
  13. "Rock Show" has been changed to "Rock Fest" and moved to VH1 Classic. I love that show.
  14. Even if it is, the complete sentence isn't. "Like, um, maybe...ALL OF RAP." It's hard to make a good case for "all of rap" when one uses a sentence like that.
  15. As a birdwatcher I find all that amazing. Thanks for sharing that.
  16. I started reading Hitchhiker's again for the 100th time. I should probably read something new, but it amazes me how every time I read it I catch a joke that I missed all those other times. It's the only book that can really make me laugh out loud.
  17. The fact that I'm not the only one who appreciates Death to Smoochy makes me feel good about the world!
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