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  1. fantasticman

    Medieval Sting bored by Modern Music

    I don't know what's the hype about Sting is. Sometimes he just amuses me.
  2. fantasticman

    Chiropractor Chimes Turns Back on Music

    How inredible that some musicians have dual or triple jobs. Just amazing, in my opinion.
  3. fantasticman

    Mellencamp...finally a new album!

    I'll definitely watch out for Mellencamp's new album. Wow, and a duet with Joan Baez!
  4. fantasticman

    Brian May writes the book on stars

    Wow, Brian May is some kind of genius. He totally rocks!
  5. fantasticman

    Funny British Police

    I saw this really funny video while surfing the internet. There were two weird policemen and totally clueless ladies. I think you should just see this for yourself. I wonder if anyone could suggest a good background music to this? http://www.badongo.com/vid.php?file=2005-10-24_Funny%20British%20Police.wmv&s=
  6. fantasticman

    James Taylor to Be Honored

    I'm so happy to know that. I think he's a great musician.
  7. fantasticman

    RIP Rosa Parks

    It's really sad that a legend has left us. May she rest in peace.
  8. fantasticman

    Janet Jackson Has a Child?

    I didn't know about this. It's really surprising.
  9. fantasticman

    Paul Simon & Bon Jovi "A little bit Country"

    That's great! I can hardly wait to see it.
  10. fantasticman

    Rest in Peace Mugsy

    That is really sad..seems to me like he lived a good life
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  12. fantasticman

    Fox News Blooper

    check out this hilarious "slip of the tongue" video by a Fox News Anchor. I wonder what Jennifer Lopez can say about this. http://www.badongo.com/vid.php?file=2005-08-27_report.wmv&s=
  13. fantasticman

    All about Halloween!

    I am planning to come as The Invisible Man. I have not seen anyone in such costume.
  14. fantasticman

    It happens again!!!!!

    you want to see my "barracuda?"
  15. fantasticman


    I was also surprised that he is still doing albums. he should just go fishing somewhere