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  1. Maybe Clapton and Page should get together again!. That would be great!. Remember the Yardbirds!. Could someone please send me tears in heaven?. My E-mail is andrewlovesmilk@yahoo.co.uk . Thanks. :guitar:
  2. I watched a bit of that too. There was this one video where the guy was only on the tv, and it was all robot manecin things. It was freaky,one of them was in the bed and it looked like it was (Too rude to say) under the sheets.
  3. Fade to Black - Metallica Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day The Show Must Go On - Queen Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers All great songs
  4. Close, the answer is there's alot of controversy around them!!!.
  5. What about these?. George Bush Stairway to Heaven
  6. Karhul

    I love....

    Post deleted by jrownsdega
  7. Karhul

    I love....

    I love: God Family Friends Judith Getting hugs from Judith and other girls in school Being the centre of attention (We all do, admit it!!!)
  8. Havn't seen you in awhile Bluesboy!!!. Where you been??.
  9. The start of that song is the easiest intro ever. E G B E B G times 4.
  10. Saving Private Ryan - Soldier's helmet gets shot, and he takes it off. "Lucky b##tard!". Gets shot in the head and dies. The only funny thing in that film, unless your more twisted than me.
  11. What was the motive for this poem?.
  12. In one of there songs on the album, I thin kthe seond one, it sounds like the trupet is being plucled. What is it?.
  13. I love that album so much too!. It is the best live album I have ever heard!!!. Fact: Led Zeppelin are better live!!.
  14. same here!. lol Ok, I think I'll have to explain how to get your first post now. Go to who's online, and click on yourself, then view all user's posts. Then keep clicking next until you get there. Everyone understand now?.
  15. Sorry, I'll just leave this thread and let you all listen to the Zutons, who are strictly ok.
  16. It looks like there's jam between the vomit!!!. Wait!. I just thought of a really good idea for a thread!!. GO TO FUN AND GAMES EVERYONE AND SEE THE LATEST KARHUL POST!!. ALL ABOARD!.
  17. That lookes like a burger who vomited itself inside out and ate itself twice again. EUGH!!.
  18. Cheese and pancakes arn't similar, but u can compare them!.
  19. Could you put it up so we can see it please?.
  20. I know they don't. I just like Led Zeppelin alot lot more than the Zutons or Placebo. Happy Listening.
  21. You were right about mine, I don't like them. Back to your selection, they are all really good?. Now, what about these: Freddie Mercury Robert Plant Bono Any guesses?. It's very easy!.
  22. It's ok now, earth angel helped me get it up!!!.
  23. Ok then. You can like what you want, but Led Zeppelin are better than the Zutons, and you can't take that away. "Jillian's bunny is left to me".
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