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  1. Well, if you are, here's some amazing music (as You're probably familiar with the songs suggested below, but this is what I reccommemnd. Speed of Sound-Colplay let it Be-The Beatles Regatta de Blance-The Police Touch of Grey-The Grateful Dead Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd Life's a Gas-T. Rex Solsbury Hill-Peter Gabriel I Know What I Like, ILike What I Know (In Your Wardrobe)-Genesis that's a fraction of the good stuff. There's a lot more and, trust me, its all good.
  2. I hate tribute concerts. Theyre meaningless. Thats my opinion.
  3. Bolan's a fu**ing geniues. Electric Warrior, Tanx, and The Slider are stellar. I am an ardent T. Rex fan and intend to purchase the new DVD Born to Boogie that came this past summer. ROCK ON
  4. The Killers are decent, at best. The band that has the most potential right now is Acceptance. Phantoms. Listen to this album and I promise you'll belive that Acceptance is more talented than The "illers," (that's such a stupid pun).
  5. Yeah, I own the albums, Urban Hymms and A Northern Soul by the Verve. It is one of the best albums released in th 90s. The you mentioned above are good.. However, I LOVE the song, "Catching that Butterfly," and the track, "Come On," is inspiring. Richard Ashcrot is a lyrical genius.
  6. No rock and roll outfit from the past theee years has equalled the caliber of muscianship demonstrated in th 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s. This is precisely the reason that bands cover classic rock material and and try to make it their own. I never see the Goo Goo Dolls thanking Rodge Hodson of Supertramp for essentially giving the Goo Goo Dolls a chart topping hit. That's Supertramp's song. FYI, anybody who is into Supertramp get Even in the Quietest Moments. Its awesome, Downstream, Fools Overture, and Babaji are the standout Tracks.
  7. Althoogh I don't listen to any Kiss, I would have to say, "Strutter becasue its featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Also, it a solid piece.
  8. Scary MonstersThis is a an unfocused choice, but "Scary Monsters," by David Bowie. I can envision that album being release this yaer and it woul most definitely be a chart topper. A Night at the Opera by Queen would satisfy the "timeless" criteria as well. "And Then There Were Threeby Genesis.
  9. Well, If must advise to listen to Jimi Hendrix material, I don't want others to fail you in that pursuit. here's the rundown: Are You Experienced (1967) Jimi Hendrix Experience (w/ Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell). Important Tracks (well the whole album is stellar): Purple Haze Manic Depression Hey Joe Love or Confusion The Wind Cries Mary (stellar lyricism) Fire Third Stone from the Sun Foxey Lady Are You Experienced (apprently you are not?) Stone Free Highway Chile Remember Axis: Bold as Love (1968) Little Wing Spanish castle Magic If 6 was 9 You Got me Floatin Castles made of Sand Bold as Love Electric Ladyland And the Gods Made Love Burning of the Midnight Lamp Voodooo Chil (Slight Return) Crosstown Traffic Still Raining, still Dreaming Machine Gun (1970) Machine Gun You Get the Picture. One cannot truly appreciate a band's virtures by simply downloading songs and buying compilation albums. All of the albums mentioned above are great. Ask anyone. You'll love Hendrix by the time your done listening to these albums.
  10. Does anybody here enjoy the Grateful Dead. I own both of there box sets, The Golden Road and Beyond Description, and they are terrific, especially their live material. However, when I converse with my friends they trash the Dead as a bunch of stoned hippies who got lucky. This is false. The Grateful Dead, like Phish, .moe, and Gov't Mule are jam bands. Anybody who believes these bands are a better studio band than live band has their head up their ass. This post is an striving effort to introduce the Grateful Dead to people who ignorantly lablled them as "stupid hippies." If you are new to Grateful Dead start with Europe '72 or American Beauty. I strongly believe that Europe '72 is their best live album, although, Live Dead features a twenty-three meinute rendition of "Dark Star," which is out of key, but fu**ing amazing. Listen to THE GRATEFUL DEAD OR PHISH. Phish, A Picture of Nectar is their finest studio moment and It's Alive is their best live album with a thirty minute rendition of "Tweezer," i believe.
  11. Electric Warrior is one of my favorite albums of alltime. If you are completely foreign to T. Rex begin with this album. This album underscores the zenith of glam rock. If you thoroughly appreciated this magnificent album listen to Tanx or the Slider. Zip Gun has its moments, but was deemeedd a commercial failure. Iw ould refrain from listening to that Iyou are new to T. Rex.
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    Good Stuff. Good Stuff. lol
  13. I would hate to have inundated home. That sucks
  14. Trampled Underfoot-Led Zeppelin Crazy Fingers (one of the best dead songs)-The Grateful Dead It's a LOng Way to the Top If You Want to Rock and Roll-AC/DC Comin Home-Deep Purple
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    According to your description of Music Discussion Classic, it oulines that all pre-1980 material is permissable in that forum. Asia's debut album was released in 1982, thus it does not qualify for that forum. Why am I mentioning this? Because Asia is considered 80s rock and the forum I'm posting this topic in is for, in my opinion, modern music, material released in the last ten years. Anyway, Asia has a talented amalgamtion of musicians including John Wetton of King Crimson, Steve Howe of Yes, Geoff Downes of The Buggles, and Carl palmer of Emerson Lake, and Palmer. Is there anything else to this band besides their debut and their sophmore effot which yieded a couple of hits. I know they regrouped 1990 and releases Astra and Aria but those albums are alotgether dismal and unfocused. I believe this rock and roll outfit will be obscured for some time. then again, that is what usually occurs when a band fails to commercially survive in the heat of the moment.
  16. Too True. I own all the queen albums live albums, studi albums, and Il Nuce which is pre-Queen material. The first four standout from the rest of their late 70s efforts like The Jazz, The Game, and News of the World. Bu they are still good albums. You caannot early queen stuff to their 80s stuff. Its like apples and oranges
  17. Hey, I love Radiohead. They are one of a few awesome modern rock and roll outfits; the others being RHCP, Smashing Pumpkins, Acceptance, and Rage Against The Machine. If you are new to Radiohead, you ought to consider buying their magnum opus, OK COmputer released in 1997. This album rivals Pink Floyd's Ummagumma regarding consistency. Thom Yorke's vocals remain unmatched by his comtempories (i.e. Billy Corgan and John Frusciante). If yuo thoroughly enjoy OK Computer, I strongly reccoment to rewind a couple yaers and purchase THE BENDS. This album, in my opinion, is a small notch lower than OK COMPUTER, OK Computer, yet Amazon.com reviewers gave this album an overall rating of five starts while OK COMPUTER meritted 4 stars. or somethigng like that. If that intrigued you more than OK COMPUTER you arrived at a crossroads. You can travel further down the line and check out Pablo Honey and Amnesia or check out KId A (2000)and Hail to the Theif (2003). You wont regret listening to Radiohead.
  18. Have You heard the intro to "I Will Follow?"
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