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  1. The Barenaked Ladies Deep Blue Something Enigma (just try to figure it out) Herman's Hermits Mr. Mister Quiet Riot Yes
  2. I remember that show - China beach, wasn't it? Let me check my library... Somebody already mentioned War by Edwin Star, that's a great one. Two Tribes - Frankie goes to Hollywood Ordinary day - Duran Duran (I'm not sure it's about war, but a some of the imagery speaks of war and grief) One of the living (technically more of postwar desolation than war itself - from the opening of mad max 3)
  3. Video - Des'ree Things can only get better - Howard Jones (that one helped me a lot when I was in a really bad space years ago.) Dreams can come true - Des'Ree Let the river run - Carly Simon Caravan of love - The Isley brothers (Hiroshima also has a good cover of it). Dreams - Van Halen No such thing - John Mayer Dance into the Light - Phil Collins Higher love - Steve Winwood A lot really depends on the situation. Anyway, I hope your friend feels better soon. Music can be great therapy.
  4. The last starfighter . Video game player with no life gets called upon to defend the universe. A serious guilty pleasure. The final countdown Aircraft carier gets pulled back to just before pearl harbor. Will they change history, or will a blatant plot cop-out prevent them from doing so?
  5. I'm not sure, so I checked the listings first, then searched the forums to see if it had been asked before. In the song 'Walk like an Egyptian" there appear to at least a few veiled drug references. For example: That would seem to be a reference to a 'roach clip'. The reference to a hookah in the following line would seem to confirm this. Does anybody know if my guesses have any merit, or am I completely off here?
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