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  1. Thanks for letting me know Elena, and Hi Laurie and Shawna. Joe was a good friend with such a great sense of humour. I don't believe he ever had a bad word for anyone, and was an example to us all. My condolences to his Family. I'm sure he is with God now.
  2. Thanks Ron. A very happy Easter (and chag sameach for Edna) from Australia to you and all my other friends too.
  3. Thanks Ange. I'm like an Australian Abraham Lincoln - the father of his country. Nice pic of you and your Grandson. Hi to a lot of 'old' friends whom I see have posted recently, Dear Edna, Laurie, Carole, Tim, Ken..... special congratulations to you. I also saw EYEgor drop in briefly. Had to get my DVD of Young Frankenstein and watch it again. Hilarious. Pity that most of the actors in it are deceased.
  4. Thanks Carl. As with Ron, you've always been a good friend and supported me in the ventures (not a pun) a group of Oldies undertook together. Hope all is well with you also. Cheers !
  5. Thanks Ron. You've always been a good friend. Hope all is well with you. Cheers Mate.
  6. What a task ! I'll have a go.๐Ÿ˜Š 1960: Walk-Don't Run - Ventures 1961: Runaway - Del Shannon 1962: I Can't Stop Loving You - Ray Charles 1963: Rhythm Of The Rain - Cascades 1964: She Loves You - Beatles 1965: You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - Righteous Brothers 1966: Good Vibrations - Beach Boys 1967: Hello,Goodbye - Beatles 1968: Elenore - Turtles 1969: Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley 1970: That Same Old Feeling - Pickettywitch f. Polly Brown
  7. Hi All ! I haven;t been here for a long time, mostly because I'm still fairly computer illiterate and I have trouble negotiating the Site. It's good to see some of my great Mates here. Hope you all had a happy Christmas and have a wonderful 2019. Here's a photo of my whole Family taken on Christmas Day. I'm at the back - now OLD 78.
  8. Hello Sweet Elena. I was trying to encourage our new member Jai. This is a very good topic ! Keep well Dear.
  9. Hello Jai. Nice to see someone trying to get something moving ! I only knew 'I'm Still waiting' so I had a listen your other songs. Liked them all. Let's share them. Gotta Give Her Love -the volumes[1964] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3MoS4j2xAM Bubbled under at #117 in the Pop Charts. Truly Yours-the spinners[1966] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2yKWzmC9QQ #16 0n Billboard's R & B Charts. Bubbled under at #111. Never Could You Be-the impressions[1965] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeowGjqQzTw ----- I'm Still Waiting-patti labelle and the blue belles[1966] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvY-n2J97aU #36 on Billboard's R & B Charts. Without A Doubt-major lance[1967] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE3lwdvidKw #49 on Billboard's R & B Charts. Here's one from me ! A Little Bit For Sandy - Paul Petersen (1968) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swpSFwBqdm8 Pure Pop. Top Ten in Australia.
  10. Hi Elena and Brad 1. "House Of Pain" - Faster Pussycat 2. "Say What You Will" - Fastway 3. "To Hell With The Devil" - Stryper 4. "Rip And Tear" - L.A. Guns 5. "Edge Of Thorns" - Savatage 6. "Drive Me Courageous" - Drivin' N' Cryin' 7. "All The Time In The World" - Junkyard 8. "I'll Never Let You Go" - Steelheart 9. "Midnite Maniac" - Krokus 10. "Half The Way Valley" - Sea Hags .................................................................................................................................................................................. I don't know my way around here anymore, so I'll post HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURIE in this thread and hope she sees it !
  11. I know House Of Pain and maybe the L.A. Guns and Fastway songs. I'll try to have a listen tomorrow and vote for my 'old' Mate Brad. Cheers to all my friends I'm still alive and staving off dementia so far.
  12. Looks like you confused Lars, Kenne. He was on here yesterday, presumably to vote ? He would have certainly got his Beach Boys' nomination in the Ten if he'd voted, possibly as high as #5.
  13. Guys, if you like sports movies, you'll like 'Draft Day' even though it is a bit short on action. I enjoyed it. 7.5 Has "The Water Diviner" with Russell Crowe been released in the U.S. ? I was a bit reluctant to see it after the disastrous "Noah", but it was great ! Also, war movies are usually depressing to me. It took me years to get around to watching "Schindler's List", an amazing Movie. This is about a Father (RC) whose 3 sons all join the Army "for King and Country" in WW1, and are presumed killed in action on the Gallipoli Peninsula. RC journeys to Turkey not long after the end of the War to try to find out what happened to them. Sounds impossible ! Excellent Movie. 9.
  14. 1. Who Can It Be Now ? โ€“ Men At Work (1981) 2. Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Out โ€“ Derek & The Dominos (1970) 3. Power To The People โ€“ John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (1971) 4. Heroes and Villains โ€“ Beach Boys (1967) 5. Big Iron - Marty Robbins 6. You Got What It Takes โ€“ Dave Clark Five (1967) 7. I Can Help โ€“ Billy Swan (1974) 8. Back Off Boogaloo โ€“ Ringo Starr (1972) 9. Helen Wheels โ€“ Paul McCartney & Wings (1973) 10.I Don't Want To Love You (Got You Anyway) โ€“ Sutherland Brothers And Quiver (1972)
  15. You're very welcome my friend ! At the moment I'll have to find more to make 10. Some listening to do again, but that's OK.
  16. Done, Ray You'll get a high vote from me for Marty. Not much comment on last week's Top Ten. Was everyone watching the Super Bowl ? Very novel noms Laurie. Here's the fourth Beatle to complete the set. Power To The People - John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (1971) Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Out - Derek & The Dominos (1970) Who Can It Be Now ? - Men At Work (1981)
  17. Onya Ian Nice to see you get a #1, even though I'm not really a fan of the bearded ones.
  18. We're 2 of a kind ! I love Pop Trivia and used to run a Quiz here some years ago, but I was so computer naive I didn't realise that my friends could look some answers up on Google. And thank you for these 2 songs which didn't chart in the UK but went Top Ten in the US..... You Turn Me On (Turn On Song) - Ian Whitcomb And Bluesville US #8, 1965 Wild, Wild West - The Escape Club US #1, 1988 ..................................................... ARTISTS/GROUPS FEATURED SO FAR.... U.S. BEACH BOYS Bobbie GENTRY Bill HALEY Bill JUSTIS Vicki LAWRENCE Roy ORBISON Buck OWENS Gene PITNEY Johnnie RAY Susan RAYE Carole Bayer SAGER Boz SCAGGS Del SHANNON Elvis PRESLEY Bobby VEE U.K. BEATLES ESCAPE CLUB FISCHER Z Ian GOMM LULU OUTSIDERS Ian WHITCOMB
  19. Certainly not, my friend ! I have Graham Betts' UK Hit Singles Book, but of course that doesn't show all UK releases. I looked up Discographies on different sites on the Net, but I'd rather trust a reliable book anytime. I have about a dozen of Joel Whitburn's US Chart Books which I read voraciously. My Wife says "how can you read them over and over ?" + Australian and Queensland (my State) Books. AUS Charts were irregular, with various ones accepted as 'official' at different times. I didn't realise you were such a prolific collector. Anytime I have trouble with UK releases please step in and help me out. I'll add 'You Turn Me On' and ' Wild, Wild West' (both US Top Tens) to the list. Thank you.
  20. Here's 2 songs from Buck Owens & His Buckaroos that were US #1 and #6 Country Hits respectively, but failed to make the US Pop Charts. We really liked them in Australia where they were both Top 10 Pop Hits. Made In Japan (AUS #7, 1972) (It's A) Monster's Holiday (AUS #4, 1974) ARTISTS/GROUPS FEATURED SO FAR.... U.S. BEACH BOYS Bobbie GENTRY Bill HALEY Bill JUSTIS Vicki LAWRENCE Roy ORBISON Buck OWENS Gene PITNEY Johnnie RAY Susan RAYE Carole Bayer SAGER Boz SCAGGS Del SHANNON Elvis PRESLEY Bobby VEE U.K. BEATLES FISCHER Z Ian GOMM LULU OUTSIDERS
  21. English singer/songwriter Ian Whitcomb and Irish band Alpine Seven formed 'Ian Whitcomb And Bluesville' in 1964. They had a US #8 with 'You Turn Me On (Turn On Song) in 1965. I can't see any evidence that the song was released as a single in the UK. UK Pop Rock Group Fancy didn't chart at home but had 2 US Top 20 hits in 1974, Wild Thing (#11 in Australia), and 'Touch Me'. Again, I can't see that they were released as UK singles at that time. Foghat had one US Top 20 Hit with 'Slow Ride' in 1975/6. 'I Just Want To Make Love To You' was their best known song in Australia. Robbie Patton didn't have a US Top 20, Giant Steps had a US #13 with 'Another Lover' in 1988 and The Escape Club had a US #1 (Australia #3) with Wild, Wild West' also in 1988. This thread is primarily for songs before 1980 (being in the OLDIES section) - but we don't mind stretching that a little and were released as singles in their Home Country, but failed to reach its Top 40 , but verifiably made the TOP TEN in another country. I'd certainly feature The Escape Club's "Wild, Wild West" as it was the first ever UK song to go US#1 not to chart at home ! But was it released as a UK single ? If anyone can verify that for us we'll certainly add it to the list. Please assist if you can
  22. 1. (Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All โ€“ The 5th Dimension (1972) 2. Baby I Need Your Lovin' โ€“ Johnny Rivers (1967) 3. In The Mood โ€“ Glenn Miller and his Orchestra (1939) 4. How Do I Make You โ€“ Linda Ronstadt (1980) 5. We'll Sing In The Sunshine โ€“ Gale Garnett (1964) 6. Frozen Smiles โ€“ Graham Nash & David Crosby (1972) 7. Cocaine Blues โ€“ Johnny Cash (1968) 8. I Got a Mind to Give Up Living โ€“ Paul Butterfield Blues Band (1966) 9. I Ain't Superstitious โ€“ The Jeff Beck Group (1968) 10.Sunshine On My Shoulders โ€“ John Denver (1971)
  23. Baby I Need Your Lovin' - Johnny Rivers (1967) In The Mood - Glenn Miller and his Orchestra (1939) * (Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All - The 5th Dimension (1972) * Inspired by Ray. Sorry I didn't know 'the Duke's' song last week. You got my vote for Linda this week. This one's before my time too - but I thought I'd nominate it rather than Jive Bunny's
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