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  1. As a life-long Oasis fan, loved them since the beginning, i would recommend for a newcomer to Oasis, Definately Maybe and The Masterplan as their best albums, forget the rest-heathen chemistry is ok, standing on the shoulders of giants is poor for oasis and be here now was a decent record but a big let down.
  2. Erm,Johnny Marr was the guitarist for the band voted by British music press as the most influential band ever, The Smiths. In guitar magazines and guitar tv programmes, he is constantly bracketed in the top 10 guitarists of all time. To me, he is the best.
  3. ok, the first person talk at the beginning of my post was a joke! stop freakin out and appreciate johnny marr
  4. I find it amazing and almost insulting that a mere ONE person has mentioned my name ( ::)But seriously, most people are basing their choices on who moves their fingers up and down the fret board quickest i.e Mark Knopfler. Knopfler is a great guitarist but if you want to hear the most original and talented guitarist since Hendrix, then JOHNNY MARR is your man. He engineered some previously unheard of tunings and used a combination of blues tunings that nobody realised that he did. He mixed rockabilly with theatric with touches of new-wave. the man is a genius, maybe not the best ever, but definately a contender.
  5. To be honest, Keane are a second rate indie-pop outfit. If u want stuff like Keane but better, try Belle and Sebastian.
  6. I only discovered this site today, but a few sad songs are... Asleep-The Smiths (i see it has been mentioned before) I know its over-The Smiths Heaven knows im miserable now-The Smiths Back to the old house-The Smiths Now my heart is full-Morrissey Beautiful-Belle and Sebastian Love will tear us apart-Joy Division There are other songs which are equally sad, cant be bothered to name them though! All of the above are actually really good songs, as well as being sad. Songs which are sad but crap include "Leper" by New End Original (i think).
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