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  1. Ahh finally my area of expertise Christopher Cross-Never be the same without your love Christopher Cross-Arthur's theme Climax Blues Band-I love you Commodores-Sail on Earth Wind and Fire-After the love is gone Eddy Grant-Romancing the stone Fleetwood Mac-Sara I will post more later. I have a lot more
  2. It says something like "cause it's all in my head, I think about you" kind of R and B like if I had to explain it.
  3. Well maybe that would explain why I like them, being an Air force brat myself ::
  4. Yes, I think a mushroom is required in that instance.
  5. Lots of their songs make me think of my childhood, because my dad was a big America fan. Listened to them from the time I was little baby. Anyway, people just don't mention them much and that's kind of suprising. They have some good music if you like the 70's like me.
  6. Umm, I had a lot of records handed down from my parents. Buut, the first cassette I remember buying on my own was Poison "Look what the cat dragged in"
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